Installation requirements



Magnesium oxide boards must be kept in flat area and have space from the ground. It is strongly recommended not to install the wet boards.

Carry off:

Transportation needs to be vertically and sheets should be carrying by two people. You must also prevent breaking the lips and boards during transportation.


Due to the style of this product, its installation is very easy and similar to gypsum board and does not require special working tools and it has the ability to mark easily, screws and sawing. The sheets up to thickness of 16 mm can be easily cut with a cutter. To prevent damage from dust cutting, you should use mask.



Magnesium oxide sheets (UFO) has a high density and good compressive strength. That's why they can be nail and have well malleable. Most common in the market can be screwed onto the board, but in general it is better to use screws used in Dry Wall systems. It’s important to note connecting parts such as screws and nails should be resistant to corrosion and rust.



it is recommended to consult with experts before using construction adhesive on the product.



Most paints based on acrylic resin are suitable for this product, but it is better to use paints with low VOC content.



According to cutting and seams on the project it is recommended to order special putty from company with the product.







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